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Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences in life and watching a child grow and choose a career path can be both exciting and challenge! As a mom, we can’t help but think… Will my child grow up to be a lawyer, a doctor, an artist, or maybe join the family business? And for those of us working mom’s we do everything we can to set a great example.

That’s exactly what CEO and mom extraordinaire Sheree Funsch owner of LaDove inc. did for her daughter Ashley Brinton aka “Aye B”. That’s right this hugely successful business mogul in the cosmetic beauty world, formulated and manufactured some of the world’s most successful brands all while raising one hot Hip Hop artist! When Ashley was born Sheree had no idea what little Ashley had in store for her and what might be a shock to most parents was something Sheree not only accepted but embraced! Sheree who is known for her famous line, “At heart, I’m just a cosmetics geek dressed in Chanel and Louboutins” sat down with MotherToday and shared her story for all those mom’s out there who are dreaming of their child’s future success.

Q: You have your own very successful business please tell me about it?
Sheree: I own a personal care product development and manufacturing company La Dove inc headquartered in Miami Florida. We create from start to finish some of the best top quality hair, skin, and body care products in the world today. We have researched, developed, and manufactured some of the most cutting edge products in the professional salon industry; names like Tigi Bed Head, Label M, Sunbum, Headwear, and so many more. We have created successful hair product lines for tv celebrities

Sheree Funsch and Ashley Brinton AKA Aye B off for a mother daughter dinner

Q: Your daughter Ashley AKA Aye B at only 18 already has a name for herself in the Hip Hop world. When did your daughter first tell you she wanted to follow that path in life? What was your reaction?
Sheree: Ashley has always wanted to perform at a very young age. I can remember at the age of four she wore a baseball cap backward, jeans, and sneakers while the other girls were in party dresses and bows in their hair.

She would belt out raps and call herself yo yo peeps. She was born to be an artist.
When she told us at 16 that this was going to be her career we knew she had to follow her dreams in order to achieve happiness in life. We weren’t happy that she wanted to move to la to follow these dreams but we learned to support her. We told her it wasn’t going to be an easy road and she would have to work hard and really commit because the competition in the entertainment business is fierce.

Q: When did you first realize she had a gift in music?
Sheree: I realized she really had a gift when I saw her recording in the studio with her team. The creative process of creating an amazing song from start to finish and the love she put into the process was really impressive.
Sheree: Did you ever want Ashley to follow in your footsteps or work in relation to your company?
I would have loved for Ashley to come into my business and work side by side with me. She is a smart, creative, and talented young lady who would have been an amazing addition to my company. However, I realized that for her to be truly happy in life she would have to follow her dreams which are very different than mine.

Q: Has Ashley always listened to Rap and Hip Hop around the house? Are you a fan?
Sheree: She listens to rap and hip hop all the time. Her dad is always turning it off and putting on Neil Diamond which makes her crazy. So it’s always music wars in the house. Lol I am not the biggest fan of rap and hip hop since I grew up in a much different era. I do enjoy the hip hop of the past like Fergie and Acon. I have to admit I do like post-Malone, Swae Lee, Khalid, and drake so maybe I am getting a little hipper. I am a work in progress

Q: Rap and Hip Hop artists have their own unique style what are your thoughts on Ashley’s style of clothing? Do you help her choose her clothes? Is it similar to your style?
Sheree: Ashleys’ fashion style and mine are miles apart. She has her own ideas of style which sometimes shock me but somehow she pulls it off. I am much more conservative, to say the least.
I wouldn’t even dare to help Ashley with clothes. She would laugh at me for sure. She actually tries to spice up my wardrobe

Q: What was your reaction the first time you heard Ashley rap and saw her in her music video?
Sheree: The first time I heard Ashleys song Nobody that she collaborated with Yella Beezy A famous rap/hip hop artist I was so proud of her. The music video was amazing and it showed she was a true artist. It was a great feeling to know she had worked hard and grown to be able to collab with a top artist in her genre.

Q: What advice do you have for mothers who would like to encourage their daughter’s in such a cut-throat business?
Sheree: I would say to the mothers it’s going to be a tough emotional journey. You have to remain strong and positive and be there to pick up your daughter in the tough times. You really have to be a rock which isn’t easy at all. You have to keep giving your daughter the spirit and support to work hard through it all. Hard work and truly loving what they do will make them succeed.

Q: What is your advice to moms whose children choose a path in life very different from their own?
Sheree: It’s very hard For us mothers at first as we all have a vision of what we want our children’s lives to be. We all want the best for our children. We want them to have a better life than what we had. We feel if they go down a path that we can’t envision or we don’t approve of they will fail and it will have devastating long term consequences for them. I would encourage mothers to think out of the box and allow their children to go on their own journey. It may not be your journey but if it makes them independent thinking, happy, and ultimately well adjusted young adults we should be proud and supportive of them. We should embrace their creativity and celebrate and love them for who they are and not who we want them to be. It’s their life and their journey so let’s help them make it the best it can be.

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