Headwear Hair was launched in 2017 by Sheree LaDove Funsch to be a cool, affordable brand for all ages, formulated with supercharged, natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Inspired by her two daughters and their progressive, environmentally-friendly, natural and green-consciousness generations, the products were created to empower and inspire women to better themselves and take charge of their haircare rituals.
When the pandemic hit, this already-modern take on haircare further challenged Sheree to come up with creative solutions to modern-day problems. New color care and home treatments were born to help women improve their self care routines and go longer between salon visits. PHYTOPHUSION, the newest addition to Headwear family, is the first bond repair treatment product in the brand to help rebuild damage hair and preserve the hair color. Headwear has become a brand influencers love with results that speak for themselves.

About LaDOVE

LaDove is a global leader in high quality haircare, skincare and personal sanitizing products with over 40 years of industry-leading experience in all areas of product development, manufacturing and fulfillment. Our Miami-based custom manufacturing services are female-owned and 80% employed by Latino/ Hispanics at all levels of the company. The woman at the helm of the company, Sheree LaDove Funsch, President and CEO, defied the odds and created legacies of iconic products that are loved by beauty enthusiasts and used in salons all over the world.
Sheree’s passion for the business, client-centered approach and manufacturing flexibility has helped catapult LaDove into a personal care force to be reckoned with, thanks to an impressive –and ever-expanding– portfolio of top-selling and buzz-generating hair, body and skin care products formulated under her expert guidance.
With her commitment to the industry, Sheree hopes to continue inspiring her two daughters as female entrepreneurs and women founders of all ages, races and ethnicities to keep going, creating jobs, strengthening families and bolstering local economies.



LaDove, Inc.


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